Is Homebirth Right for You?
When I first started assisting a homebirth midwife all I knew was homebirth. Having your baby at home was the only way in my mind. As time went on and I was exposed to different types of births, in hospitals and birth centers, I evolved. My general feelings haven’t changed but they are different. Women can have a positive birth experience anywhere as long as she is listened to, treated with compassion, feels in control of her birth and has competent care.

You have to ask yourself, do you really believe that homebirth is right for you? Is it without a doubt the best thing you can do for your body and baby? Is it worth paying out of pocket for if your insurance doesn’t cover birth at home? How does your partner feel about everything? What about the family? Do you believe in homebirth enough that you can go against the mainstream?

When you have asked yourself these questions and your answers are yes, yes, yes then homebirth is right for you.

Suggestions for finding a midwife
Just because you are visiting my website doesn’t mean I am the right midwife for you. I want to be the right midwife, but that isn’t always the case. Only you know what is right for you. You need to be selective, question, and interview as many midwives as you need to, to find the right midwife for you. I recommend having your partner with you since your partner should feel comfortable with the midwife selected as well.

Be a good consumer, shop around! Think about how much effort we put into our weddings, buying our first house or car. Invest in your baby’s future for the best possible beginning. Remember, you may have more babies but you can only birth this baby once.

Here is a link to a really good article on Choosing a Care Provider.

Safety and Studies
If you are low-risk and healthy homebirth is safe! This just isn’t my opinion, this is evidenced-based practice. Research the safety of birthing at home by visiting the following links:

  • The British Medical Journal, in their June 18, 2005 issue, published “Outcomes of planned home births with Certified Professional Midwives: large prospective study in North America.”

Arizona Homebirth
To learn more about the Responsibilities of Licensed Midwives visit azdhs.gov.

History of Midwifery
Midwives have been part of the human experience for as long as we know. The ancient Jews called her the wise woman, just as she is known in France as the sage-femme, and in Germany, the weise frau and also Hebamme or mother’s adviser, helper, or friend.

The English ‘midwife’ is derived from midwife, or with-woman”(J.H. Aveling). The Latin term cum-mater and the Spanish and Portuguese term comadre, have the same meaning: with woman.

Learn more about the history of midwifery by visiting the following web sites.

Becoming a Midwife
There are two types of midwives in Arizona.

A Certified Nurse Midwife is a registered nurse with additional schooling in midwifery. A Licensed Midwife is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services

If you are interested in becoming a midwife please tour the following links and read about the requirements for certification or licensing. When you have read the details you can contact Mary the Midwife to answer your questions. If there is enough interest study sessions can develop. Mary the Midwife is open to interviewing student midwives for an apprenticeship.

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